Tuesday, June 06, 2023
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Buccaneer's Bash 2021

The Buccaneer's Bash is a JV and Middle School tournament sponsored by Fairhope High School and managed by Coach Paul Stroud. 

The tournament is held at the Fairhope Soccer Complex. A map of the fields can be found here.

Boys MS

Girls JV

Boys JV Gold

Boys JV Silver



Tournament Location

The tournament is held at the Fairhope Soccer Complex. A map of the fields can be found here.

Tournament Tickets

There are two ticket options this year:

  • A weekend pass with unlimited reentry for $15.
  • A match ticket with no reentry for $7.

Tournament Rules

  1. The Buccaneer’s Bash will host four divisions: Girls Junior Varsity, Boys Junior Varsity, Boys Middle School, and Girls Middle School.
  2. Depending upon the number of team entries, there may be more than one group within each division, for example Boys JV Gold and Boys JV Silver.
  3. Each team will be guaranteed at least three games. For a group with four teams, group play will consist of three round-robin games to determine a champion, while a group with more than four teams will consist of two open-round games, followed by an elimination (or consolation) round and a championship round.
  4. All JV matches will consist of two 30 minute halves, Middle School matches will consist of two 25 minute halves. All matches will have a 5 minute half-time.
  5. In the open-round and round-robin play, games will be allowed to end in a tie.
  6. The seeding during the open-round and round-robin group play is based on total points.
  7. Immediately after the last match of the open-round and round-robin group play, the Field Marshall will set the seeds for the next round (if applicable). The Field Marshall will manipulate the consolation pairings to ensure teams do not play twice during the tournament.
  8. For a group with an odd number of teams, the first place team will receive a bye, while the second and third place teams will compete in an elimination round. The winner of the elimination round will play in the championship round, while the fourth and fifth place teams will play against each other in a consolation match.
  9. For a group with an even number of teams greater than four, the elimination round will consist of the first and fourth place teams and the third and second place teams playing against each other. The winners of these two matches will play in the championship round.
  10. In the elimination round, matches that are tied at the end of regulation will be decided by PK shoot-out. The consolation matches will be allowed to end in a tie.
  11. In the championship round, in the event of a tie, the match will have two five-minute extra periods (golden goal). At the end of these extra periods, if the match is still tied, then the game will be decided by PK shoot-out.
  12. The Tournament will be played under the Alabama High School Athletic Association rules with the exception mentioned above.

Team Ranking

  1. Each match will be worth a maximum of 10 points and will be calculated as follows: 5 points for a win, 2 points for a shut-out, 1 point for a tie and a point for each goal scored, up to three goals a match.
  2. In the event of a tie in total points, a tie breaker will be based on head-to-head, goals allowed, goal difference (maximum of 3 goals), goals scored (maximum of 5 goals), common opponent, and then coin flip.

Team Responsibilities

  1. The Tournament will provide ball personnel and coolers and ice. Home teams will provide match balls.
  2. The team listed on top of the match bracket will be considered the home team and dress accordingly
  3. Each team will provide the tournament director with a tournament roster, which will include the teams’ bench personnel, before their first match. A maximum of three non-playing bench personnel will be allowed. If coaches or trainers are left off the tournament roster, they will have to pay admission to enter the tournament.
  4. Teams are required to be at the match site 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  5. All teams will be equipped according to AHSAA regulations.
  6. Teams not having the required minimum number of players present at the starting time will automatically forfeit the match.
  7. Teams are required to play all scheduled matches.

Certified Trainers

  1. Certified trainers will be on site during the tournament.

Trophies and Awards

  1. Each group’s winner and runner up will receive 1st and 2nd place medals. Each group will also have an all-tournament team. Each player selected for the all-tournament team will receive a medal.
  2. Coaches not playing in the tournament finals need to see the Field Marshal for the all-tournament team medals.